There are many reasons for businesses to come to Spain, gaining access to a domestic market of over 45 million consumers, building bridges to Latin America and North Africa, gaining a foothold in the EU (particularly after BREXIT) or taking advantage of the many opportunities which are arising due to the changes in the economic situation.


However setting up your operations can be challenging and costly if you don’t get the right advice. Whether to go in with a local partner and if so whom, where to locate, what type of legal structure is needed, how to get local finance, who can be relied upon to run the local operations and where to concentrate marketing efforts are some of the key questions that have to be dealt with.


Combining years of experience working in Spain and abroad, our team of professional advisors can help you find answers to all of the above, and guide you through the steps to ensure that your venture is a success over here. Specializing in small and medium-sized companies, we can assure hands-on personalized service at economic rates which the larger advisory firms cannot guarantee.


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