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UK government proposal to safeguard citizen rights

Bloomberg, 27 June 2017. The first battle of the Brexit negotiations is underway. In a sign of how contentious the talks will prove, the European Union on Monday wasted little time in rebuking Britain for not going far enough to guarantee the rights of millions of EU citizens after Britain leaves. “More ambition, clarity and guarantees needed than in today’s U.K. position,” EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier said on Twitter….

Teresa May fails to retain majority at general election

Bloombergs, 9 June 2017. British voters just served up the second shock at the ballot box in the space of a year. Dreaming of securing a landslide win, Prime Minister Theresa May called an election three years earlier than she needed to. Now her premiership might soon be over, and her Conservative Party’s outright control of Parliament has already evaporated. The Tories are on course to win 316 seats, down…

Dates set after election for BREXIT talks

The Times, 25 May 2017. So we now have a date. June 19 is expected to be the day when David Davis and Michel Barnier sit down for the first time to begin 15 months of Brexit negotiations. The EU wants negotiations to be divided into four-week cycles, each focused on one issue. From the Commission side week one would involve political preparation, followed by a week in which documents…

Press release on Madrid meeting between UK government and citizen groups

EuroCitizens Spain, 21 April 2017. The British in Europe coalition is pleased to have had high level contact with the UK government to discuss the post-Brexit rights of more than one million UK citizens living in the EU. EuroCitizens Spain is part of the British in Europe Coalition. At a meeting in Madrid on Wednesday British in Europe representatives – who come from a dozen UK citizens groups across Europe…

Prime minister Teresa May calls surprise general election

The Times, 19 April 2017. Theresa May is on course to win a majority of more than 100 in a June snap election, with Labour’s pro-Brexit voters deserting Jeremy Corbyn, according to polling data for The Times. The prime minister ripped up her promise not to hold an election before 2020 yesterday. In a surprise announcement on the steps of Downing Street, she urged voters to hand her a Brexit…

UK triggers BREXIT

The Times, 29 March 2017. Shortly after 12:20 this afternoon Sir Tim Barrow, Britain’s permanent representative to the European Union, hand-delivered Theresa May’s six-page letter informing the bloc of Britain’s intention to leave. You can read the letter in full here. But here are a few early thoughts. In her letter Mrs May comes close to threatening Europe that future security co-operation with the UK is dependent on a good…

Article 50 to be triggered on March 29

The Times, 20th March 2017. Theresa May will trigger Britain’s exit from the European Union on March 29, Downing Street has revealed. It marks the date that the prime minister will dispatch her letter to the European Council notifying it of Britain’s intention to leave the bloc, which begins the two-year Brexit process. It means that the UK’s membership of the EU will end on March 29, 2019. Sir Tim…

Rights of British and EU nationals after BREXIT

The Times, 9th March. Of all the issues in the Brexit negotiations, that of expatriate rights is, at first glance at least, one of the more straightforward. Both the government and the EU agree on a broad objective: a reciprocal deal to guarantee the rights of three million EU citizens in Britain and the one million British expatriates living in other EU countries. But within that broad outline lies horrific…

Rebel lords defy government on BREXIT

The Times, 7th March. Peers will demand today that parliament is given a meaningful vote on any Brexit deal secured by Theresa May, as the Article 50 bill completes its progress through the House of Lords. Labour, Liberal Democrat and rebel Tories are expected to join with cross benchers to inflict defeats on the government on two amendments due to be debated this afternoon. Peers will then send the bill…

Diagram of European trade zones

Bloomberg, 1st March. Detailed diagram of European countries by trade and political groupings, European Union, Euro Zone, EFTA, Customs Union and Schengen Area.

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